French Alps


The Argentiere Glacier

On the normal route of Aiguille D'Argentiere (3900m)The climbing on the glacier must be completed before the noon, because ice-bridge can not be used in the afternoon by the heat by sunshine

from the summit of Aiguille D'Argentiere (3900m)

Back: Mont Dolent (3820m)

Les Droites(4000m)–from the Aiguille D'Argentiere

In the afternoon the snowbridges on the glacier can not be used.

This is the fast half of normal route of the Aiguille D'Argentiere,

last half is a steep snow slope.

The famous Mal de Glas of Chamonix

The touge of Boson Glacer can be seen from the camping place in Chamonix

Edelweiss at the vally of chamonix.

The famouse hiking corse in the Aigue de rouge, at west side of Chamonix.

 Lak plan on the back of Monte Blanc (4807m)

The "Morgenrot" at the summit ridge of Monte Blanc

by going down‰

Monte Blanc(4807m) Dom de Gute(4300m)

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